Orientation for Defenses and Diplomas



Orientation for defenses

1. The student is ready to present the defense when:

  • He/she has concluded the course contents and curricular activities;
  • He/she has concluded the writing of the final work with the supervisor’s approval;

2. The request for the setting of the defense committee both for dissertations and theses will be evaluated by the PPGPSI collegiate upon presentation of the following documents:

  • A check-list of the conclusion of all curricular components and activities in the student’s transcript of grades issued by the PPGPSI secretary.
  • The committee request form dully filled and signed up to 30 days prior to the defense date. Orientation for the committee setting for qualifying exams, dissertations and theses may be found in the Program internal by-laws.
  •  A letter of approval signed by the supervisor (as per model aqui).
  •  A copy of the article based on the dissertation or thesis.
  •  Digital media containing the final version of the dissertation or thesis.

Note: The student must check the availability of the committee members for the date proposed for the defense. The student is responsible for sending a copy of his/her work to all committee members. The digital final version of the dissertation or thesis to be added to the PPGPSI page may be substituted by a revised version within 15 days after the defense. 

Learn more: procedimentos_para_defesa_por_videoconferência

Request for issuing of diploma

The declaration of approval of the dissertation/thesis is valid for 60 days. The confirmation of the defense and request for diploma must be submitted to the collegiate along with the following documents:

  1.  Request for issuing of the diploma following model in the file Arquivos in this site;
  2.  The minutes of the defense session duly signed by the committee members, and digitally signed by the members who participated via videoconference, in case this resource has been used. 
  3.  In the case of a videoconference committee member, an e-mail must be provided in the same date of the defense or subsequently, including in the text a self-declaration of his/her participation, student name, and date of the defense. This text must be included in the e-mail, and not in an attached document.
  4. Copy of the page of the UFBA Repositório Institucional (RI) proving the submission of the dissertation or thesis.
  5. Request Form for the issuing of the diploma (available at: https://supac.ufba.br/sites/supac.ufba.br/files/formulario_diploma.doc), attaching a copy of proof of ID.

After approval, the PPGPSI Secretary will start the process of diploma request, and will send it to the Coordination of Support and Student Registration (CARE, former SGC). The student will receive by e-mail notifications on the process, and must follow up on the deadlines mentioned in the form.