The proposed Program aims at trainning teachers and researchers in two areas of concentration in Psychology. The proposal has its origins in pre-existing post-graduate research and teaching experiences, and is intended to strengthen current nuclei, incorporating new researchers and teachers.  

At the same time, the proposal is flexible enough to allow the development of new lines of research as new researchers and their research products are incorporated. The proposal provides for multidisciplinary contributions to research lines, with the contribution of Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology, by means of the courses taught.  

Another factor that must be emphasized is the stimulus to the admission of two groups of candidates. The first is that of newly-graduated psychologists with experience in Scientific Initiation programs who wished to move on in their process of academic education, due to the lack of postgraduate psychology opportunities in the region. The second is that of professionals who are starting their teaching activities in Psychology undergraduate courses, recently created in the city, and that in spite of having a broad professional experience and lato sensu graduate degrees, they do not have adequate qualification to expand their area of acting in research and teaching in Psychology. In addition, faculty who have completed their Master's degree, and wish to further their studies can benefit from the doctoral program.